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US Global Leadership Coalition

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This may sound wildly off the subject, but last week I had the very real privilege of attending (via Zoom) the US Global Leadership Coalition’s annual Global Impact Forum, followed up by a day-long “virtual” visit to Capitol Hill to meet with several members of Washington State’s congressional delegation and/or their staffs. I was invited to join the Advisory Council for USGLC back in 2020, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the interaction.

Yes, my focus is on real estate finance and economics, and we usually think of real estate as being highly localized. However, real estate finance and investment is truly global. Just take a peek at a the holdings of any random sovereign wealth fund to confirm this. The vigor and vitality of America’s real estate market depends in no small part on America’s economic leadership in the world, and USGLC is focused directly on that.

Speakers at the Forum included a panoply of luminaries, such as former NATO commander Admiral Jim Stavridis, CEO of “Save the Children” Janti Soeripto, Deputy Sec. of State Wendy Sherman, Sen. James Risch (R-Id), “CARE” CEO Michelle Nunn, UN Foundation CEO Elizabeth Cousens, among many others. USGLC brings together more than 500 businesses and non-profit organizations to engage policymakers in D.C. and around the country to build support for America’s International Affairs Budget. “In today’s interconnected world, America must use all its instruments of national security and foreign policy to ensure we keep our citizens safe, strengthen our economy, and save lives. Our nation’s civilian tools of diplomacy and development are underfunded and undermanned, which is why the USGLC supports a strong and effective International Affairs Budget.” Former Sec. of State Gen. Colin Powell (USA-Ret) heads up the Advisory Council, and Admiral Jim Stavridis (USN-Ret) and Gen. Anthony Zinni (USMC-Ret) head up the National Security Advisory Council.

America’s international aid budget takes up a surprisingly small portion of our overall fiscal picture — less than 1%. However, we gain enormous leverage via that chunk of the budget, and any top military leader will tell you that diplomacy is cheaper than bullets. Our strong military, coupled with our international leadership, sets the stage for America’s powerful economy. “America’s diplomats and development workers help put the building blocks in place so that U.S. companies can expand their exports, reach new markets, and create more jobs here at home. With 95% of the world’s consumers outside of our borders and the fastest-growing markets in developing countries, it’s vital that we stay competitive in the global marketplace, ensure a level playing field for American businesses, and reach more customers.”

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June 23, 2021 at 8:58 am

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