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Rock Hall Rant, part 3

OK, credit where credit is due.  Two of my top three severe omissions got in this year, plus one act I never thought would make it!  As my loving daughter posted on Facebook earlier this week, I am overjoyed that the Doobies FINALLY made it in (eligible, I would note, since 1996!).  I am also very pleased with Whitney Houston finally getting her due.  I’m still a bit put out by the continued omission of Steppenwolf, but hey, at least Born to be Wild was one of the “charter” singles honored by the Hall.  That’s three of my top ten to make it in during the past couple of years — Moody Blues being the other noteworthy long-time deserved honoree.  Plus, I’m absolutely amazed at T-Rex.  See my “Rant Part 2” and you will note that I’ve long thought they were a group deserving of a nod, but wouldn’t make it (too much 70’s glam rock).  Well, here we are!

Now, what about the others, and who do I add to my “all time fav’s” list?  I’m still saddened at the terrible omission of Sarah McLachlan and Jimmy Buffett.  By the way, check out a recent YouTube of Sarah on stage with Jimmy (yes, I’m not kidding) singing A Pirate Looks at 40.  Seriously good singing.

Given my prescient call with T-Rex, and my incessant lobbying over the Moodys, the Doobies, and Whitney, I’m going to have the temerity to promote groups from my “probably never” list to my “let’s lobby for them” list.  Thus, from bottom to top, I’d humbly ask the Rock Hall to consider:

10.  Jethro Tull (eligible since 1993!)

9.  Chubby Checker

8.  Lionel Richie and/or the Commodores

7.  Sarah McLachlan

6.  The Bangles

5.  The Guess Who and/or Bachman Turner Overdrive

4.  Warren Zevon

3.  Tina Turner (yeah, WTF???)

2.  Jimmy Buffett

And my current all-time “favorite” omission…

  1. Steppenwolf

By the way, this list could easily go on, with such glaring omissions as Pat Benatar,  Motley Crue, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  But at least with this year’s inductees, there is hope!

Written by johnkilpatrick

January 17, 2020 at 12:30 pm

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