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As I mentioned over on the left, I spoke at the H.B. Litigation Construction Defects conference in Marina del Ray last Thursday, March 4. A wonderful crowd — mostly attorneys and insurance “types” in the construction defects game. Over the years, Greenfield has been quite active in that arena, although not so much lately. We plan to change that in the coming months.

ANYWAY, I was on a panel with a couple of engineers and a lawyer. I’ve really gotten tired of these panels over the years — very dry, with the predictable powerpoints. I decided to change my presentation up a bit, and be more converational, talking about our experience in past litigation, the contributions we’d been able to make to the body of knowledge, and some of the key issues I think our clients should consider. It all appeared to be very well received — no one went to sleep.

ANYWAY, afterwards, one of my co-panelists, in a very friendly way, told me that the other panelists had awarded me the “shameless self promotion” award, for a talk that really seemed to be a 15 minute advertisement for Greenfield. I wondered whether I should be hurt or not, and then later I shared this info with a couple of audience members. They laughed their heads off, and said, “well, DUH, why the heck do we think you’re here????”.

So, I need to get a plaque made up now for my wall.

Written by johnkilpatrick

March 10, 2011 at 11:53 am

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