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John A. Kilpatrick, Ph.D., heads up Greenfield Advisors, Inc., and Managing Director of Accre LLC, both headquartered in Seattle, Washington.  His Ph.D. is in Finance, with a concentration in Real Estate, and he’s been involved in the real estate finance, investment, and development business for about 40 years, give or take, with an occasional foray into University administration or such.  He’s the author of five books (with number six slowly underway), about 100 or so refereed journal articles, chapters, and such, one Congressional Testimony, and who-knows-how-many lectures, invited speeches, and ramblings at cocktail parties.  He serves on the National Board of Advisors for the Carson School of Business, Washington State University.  In 2017, Gov. Jay Inslee appointed Dr. Kilpatrick to serve as a Director of the Washington State Economic Development Finance Authority.

For a complete — and probably out-of-date — copy of his bio, visit

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January 20, 2009 at 9:10 pm

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