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This blog is the somewhat disjointed and probably mis-quoted ramblings of John A. Kilpatrick, a Ph.D. in Finance, Director of Greenfield Advisors, and Managing Director of  He also has the distinct honor of having been appointed by Gov. Jay Inslee as one of the Directors of the Washington Economic Development Finance Authority.

NOTHING in here should be construed as actual financial advise to ANYONE.  You should ALWAYS make financial decisions with the aid of competant advisors — and where you might find them is increasingly proving to be a problem, n’est pas?

In short, neither John A. Kilpatrick, nor Greenfield Advisors, nor Accre, nor any of its staff, affiliates, or employees intend for this blog to constitute investment advise, to be a solicitation to invest, or whatever.  It’s just a blog.  Nothing more.

Written by johnkilpatrick

January 20, 2009 at 8:27 pm

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